Project Awesome

Making my life more awesome

New pastures

on February 28, 2016

Four years ago I started writing this blog, trying to make sense of what had happened to me, the awful trauma of Ex-Husband leaving me, and how to live an awesome life even if it wasn’t quite the one I’d expected to have.

I think I’ve done that now.  I wouldn’t describe my life as ‘awesome’ – that sounds a little tiring – but it’s pretty good.  I have two lovely children who only rarely have poo incidents.  I have a very interesting job which keeps me busy.  I have friends who I see less often than I’d like.  I have a nice enough house which is tidier than it used to be.

I’m not in recovery from tragedy any more.  I’m just living.  This isn’t my story any more.  I’m starting a new story: writing about depression and dating and parenting and the special joys of single parenting and everything else, over here.  I’ve really appreciated all the support and commenting from people here and on Facebook and I hope you’ll follow me on my new blog.

Thanks 🙂



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