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Welcome to the brand new Mondays

on September 15, 2014

Today was the first Monday in a long time that I was statutorily obliged to be anywhere at a specific time.  I don’t work on Mondays, so it’s always been my slow-getting-up morning with the girls after a busy weekend.  Last week Ex-Husband dropped Big Girl off at school and then Small Girl off with me.  So I did have to be awake and looking competent by 9 am, but nothing beyond that.  Today I had to get myself and two children to the school gates by 8.55 am or face an Unauthorised Absence mark.  My anxiety about being responsible for a permanent blemish on my daughter’s school record, along with my habit of making them run to the train station while shouting ‘we’re going to be late and miss the train and then we won’t be able to go’ every time we try to go anywhere, is likely to lead to years of punctuality-related therapy for my children in approximately thirty years’ time.

Today started off well but quickly went downhill.  In no particular order, Big Girl did not want to get up, Small Girl cried and refused to eat breakfast, tipped a bowl of cereal, a cup of milk and a cup of apple juice on the floor and did a poo on the carpet and Big Girl demanded to wear her sparkly shoes and take Minnie Mouse to school.  I was not happy.

But once we were out of the door we were fine.  Some mornings both children cry and refuse to walk anywhere.  Other times, like today, all I have to do is chase them down the street pretending to be a giant crab and shouting ‘I’m going to eat you, crab babies’.  I hope I never see anyone I know on the way to school.

Once Big Girl was safely at school – uneaten, unpincered and well before the bell rang – Small Girl and I set off on our ‘just us’ day together.  Last week, our first of these days, saw us trying to go to gymnastics and failing miserably.  Who would have guessed it’s moved since we last went three years ago?  Today we went to the shoe shop and a pet shop and out for coffee and cake.  I can tell you that looking after one child is far easier than having two.  I can listen to her, and watch what she’s doing, and give her my full attention, and it feels lovely.

Except that, well, isn’t it *tiring* to just have one child all day? They demand your full attention, and there’s no-one to entertain them, and I’m not really patient enough to engage with *all* the demands of a three-year-old without the distraction of her older sister.  Still, that’s what tv is for, right?

I managed, by pretending that we were mice being chased by a cat, to get Small Girl and I to school on time to pick Big Girl up (is it worse to get an Unauthorised Absence mark for being late in the morning, or to leave your child standing alone at school because you’re late to pick them up? I’m not really sure) and on to a soft play centre to meet a friend, and then home and into bed, both children exhausted – one by school and the other by the full glare of my attention.  Or something.

It’s a new kind of Monday and I think I could learn to like it.


One response to “Welcome to the brand new Mondays

  1. nights7 says:

    Getting children out the door in the morning is truly the bane of my existence. I’m pretty sure my neighbors get sick of hearing me yell “Out the door NOW! We cannot miss the bus again today!!” at the top of my lungs.
    Also, the whole entertaining one kid being exhausting bit is why always knew I wanted more than one kid. Could you imagine doing that all the time? Jeez.

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