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We’re working together to make our house a home

on May 27, 2014

So, having gained sole custody of a house and decided I’ll be staying here for a while, I’ve been working on my relationship with it.  Here’s what I’ve done:

I’ve bought some plants – Aldi’s finest.  Possibly.  I don’t really expect them to last long, because I have quite a slug issue going on, but it feels like a token effort.  I’ve also been looking at pictures of other people’s small gardens on Facebook and Pinterest, and am starting to feel quite excited about the possibilities.  Al fresco dining with a child-sized picnic bench, for example.  I’d feel slightly oversized all the time, which could be fun.

Aldi's finest


I’ve also ordered some paint tester pots from Dulux, following negotiations over acceptable colour-choices with my sister.  I’m not very good at painting, and get bored quite easily, but I’m hoping I’ve developed enough maturity over the past couple of years to actually clean the paintbrushes properly when I’ve finished them, rather than hoping someone else will do it.

I’ve finally found some kind of solution to my cleaning dilemma.  I don’t like cleaning.  I’m not bad at it, but I’ve always got things I’d rather do.  I’ve toyed with the idea of paying someone to clean my house, but they’re bloody expensive, and it seems like quite a lot of hassle, and I’d have to find someone willing to work in a house as untidy as mine without pulling a constant judgey-face when they talk to me about what needs doing.  So I’ve decided I’m going to pay myself to clean.  Two hours a week, for £10, which seems like a bargain to me.  Just cleaning: bathroom, kitchen, hoovering and mopping – no washing up and no tidying up, all done to my standards (low) and how I like it.  In return I get a clean house and a bit of money to spend on things like books and coffee.  Everyone’s a winner – ‘everyone’ being me, apparently.

And it turns out that it’s quite nice to have a tidy house. I spent quite a lot of time this weekend tidying, discovering lost toys under the sofa, and the whole of my kitchen table, in preparation for hosting a barbecue – inviting friends round as part of my campaign to make my house feel like a home again.  Finally, aged 34, I learnt how to put my barbecue together and light it, though managed to leave the cooking to other people, and had a fabulous Bank Holiday afternoon with three friends and our combined seven children, eating food and having a lovely time.

Big Girl has also been contributing to the ‘love your house’ mission.  Just before leaving for nursery this morning she rushed to the toilet.  She washed her hands (good) but forgot to turn the tap off (not so good), so I came home to find water flooding into the kitchen through the light, and no electrics, and no idea what to do.  Fortunately, a friend found me an electrician who came and made things safe for me.  And as ‘replace light fittings’ was on my list of things to do, that’ll soon be one more job ticked off the list.  Once the ceiling has dried out, that is.


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