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Well, I wish it could be pizza every day

on December 7, 2013

Big Girl and Small Girl have gone to their dad’s.  They are not back until late afternoon on Monday.  The temptation to stay in my pyjamas for 42 hours watching West Wing and ordering pizza is phenomenal.  Really, I could do this and no-one would ever know.  Well, apart from the two groups of friends I’ve arranged to meet later today.  I could cancel.  It would be fine…

But I have told Big Girl that I will get our Christmas tree this weekend, so we can decorate it when they come home from Daddy’s house.  Where they are also decorating a tree.  We’ve managed to agree on which child will get to put the star on the top of which tree – pretty impressive separated parenting, I think.

I’m also planning on getting out all the presents, wrapping them, and working out what I still need to buy, and then buying it.  And writing Christmas cards.  And tidying my lounge to make space for the Christmas tree.  And finding the decorations…  It’s quite a busy weekend ahead, but there’s probably a little time for West Wing and pyjamas


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