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I have tidied my kitchen and now I can conquer the world

on November 8, 2013

I am not a tidy person.  I like being untidy.  It’s probably your basic teenage rebellion extended by about twenty years too many.  In my defence, however, I’ve always found that I can either spend time keeping my desk tidy or I can spend time working, but I really can’t manage both, and I *think* I know which my manager would prefer.

However, the sort of mess you create when you’re a student (yes, 5-month-old letters.  Yes, my housemate’s plate.  Yes, books I’ve borrowed from the library and forgotten to return.  But ask me where anything is and I can tell you) is quite different to the sort of mess your two-year-old and three-year-old create.  Somehow, mess is just less fun when it’s not your own (This may be what Ex-Husband was trying to tell me shortly before he left).

So finally I gave in and tidied my kitchen.  I realised that most of the mess was static.  It was just on my kitchen table because I hadn’t yet put it away.  It wasn’t particularly growing, apart from the occasional piece of post added to the pile.  It wasn’t doing anything useful.  It was just stuff on my table.  And some toys on the floor, and bits of fluff and some bags of things which should have been in the cellar – nothing which couldn’t be easily thrown away or tidied away.

So now I have: a clear kitchen table.  An (almost) clear floor.  Clear worktops.  And my washing up done every evening (almost).  And I feel very proud of myself.

More than that: I feel in control of my life.  There’s something good about knowing there are no surprises lurking at the bottom of the pile on the table.  And there’s something about knowing I’m keeping my kitchen tidy (yes, we’re on day four now.  I may regret writing this, some time around Tuesday, I suspect) that makes me feel I can manage the rest of my life as well.

Work feels more settled – I explored some career-changing possibilities and came back to work feeling it’s probably the right place for me for a while, and I feel much happier.  I can’t remember the last time I thought my children should go and live with Ex-Husband because they would be happier with him.  I’m starting to stick to a budget which means I’m not spending more money than I actually have.  I plan meals more than an hour in advance.  I’ve, very sadly, stepped down from my NCT voluntary role ‘to spend more time with my family’ – and I like the feeling of freedom.  Oh yes, and last night we all slept all night in our own beds.  I think, finally, my life is stabilising – and I feel happy.


One response to “I have tidied my kitchen and now I can conquer the world

  1. Myn says:

    You’re having a much better November than I am! I must start tackling the tidying up I need to do for a visiting aunt at the end of November – it’s in that much of a state that I should probably start now, Only I’m going to have to work this weekend, or let my boss down next week. Oh dear…

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