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I still don’t understand why my housework doesn’t get done unless I do it

on September 15, 2013

Something is badly wrong with your life when you start thinking the local leaflet delivery people are out to get you.  I am in the lounge with Big Girl and Small Girl, trying to get them to tidy up.  I hear the letter-box go.  “Aaaaaaggggghhhhhhhh! I am trying so hard to make my house tidy and people are putting more fucking paper through my letter box!” I scream.  Inside my head, of course.  On the outside, I am serene, like a swan. No, wait, I am pitifully begging my children to help me put away jigsaws rather than tipping play food and squeaky toy eggs all over the floor and emptying out all the Happyland five minutes before bedtime.  ‘Serene’ is not generally used to describe me.

In the interests of trying to work out what would make my life feel like it was working, rather than feeling like a big pile of chaos, I made a list of all the housework which needs doing on a day-to-day basis, and how long I thought it would take.  This came to nearly three hours a day if we’re not at home and just over four on days when we’re in.  Given that my children are usually only just asleep by 9.30 pm, my life is actually not possible.  That’s not including things which don’t need doing every day, like cleaning the bathroom and hoovering.

Fortunately for me, I have very low standards.  A friend at work says she can’t go to bed if there is any washing-up still needing doing.  I have days where I can’t actually eat until I do some washing-up.  I’ve never been tidy and mess doesn’t really bother me.  But it turns out that there is a difference between the mess you make as, say, a student in a student house (and I would like to apologise unreservedly to everyone who has ever lived with me at this point) and the mess which accrues living with a two-year-old and a three-year-old.  The difference, as far as I can tell, is that it’s not all mine.  I just don’t want books scattered randomly across my bedroom floor, or bits of ripped-up toilet paper strewn along the hall, or various toys carried up to my room at bedtime and then abandoned.  I would like clothes to be put away so we can find what we need, rather than searching through a massive heap of clean laundry in the corner of the room (I was going to post a picture of my laundry pile on Facebook the other day but it was too depressing).

I made a list of all the different domestic areas of my life I’d like to improve.  I brainstormed solutions.  Some of them just require changing how I do things.  There are some tiny steps I could take which would make life easier, like bringing toys back downstairs at night rather than waiting until most of the contents of the lounge is hiding under my bed.  Some of them just need me to actually buy and install a dishwasher.  But I think perhaps some of it just involves waiting for my children to get a bit bigger so they can learn to be tidier.  Or possibly just wait until they leave home.



One response to “I still don’t understand why my housework doesn’t get done unless I do it

  1. Jude Scott says:

    I don’t mind mess per se but getting up to washing up is very you Im convinced a dishwasher will improve things no end and I hope you get one very soon.

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