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An unexpected gift

on July 27, 2013

Today is my eleventh wedding anniversary. Last year I had a lovely day, but it was a consciously, determinedly and very planned lovely day.

This year I really don’t care. I would never have expected this. I saw Ex-Husband when he came to pick the girls up, and it felt like just another handover. No sadness, nothing. My Dr Who-inspired revelations have made a huge difference to how I feel.

Actually, I am having a lovely day. I’ve concocted a cunning plan to steal borrow my sister’s sewing machine as mine, although much-loved, has some serious tension issues. So I’m going to her house to pick hers up, and apparently there’s some kind of festival in the local park, and sunshine, and cider.

And then the post arrived. The signed Acknowledgement of Serve for my divorce, and an admission of adultery (and I’m sure he’ll say it’s just a technicality, the easiest way to get a divorce, rather than the actual-factual reason we are divorcing). So now I can apply for the Decree Nisi, the official judgement that our reasons for divorcing are legal and valid. And six weeks and a day after that, I can apply for my Decree Absolute, and be divorced.

I expected to feel sad but I can’t stop smiling. Ex-Husband should have been giving me steel this year, but instead I’m getting freedom.


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