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Fun day? Apparently not.

on April 28, 2013

Yet another reason why it still feels better to parent with someone else…  Today I took Big Girl and Small Girl to a fun day at our local park.  They had ice-cream.  They bounced on a bouncy castle.  They saw animals in the finally-populated new aviary. They saw reptiles at a petting zoo.  They watched a dog show.  They saw birds of prey.  They heard a band.  They made a bird-feeder.  Sounds like a good day?  Big Girl had a tantrum because she didn’t like what we won on the chocolate tombola.  On the way home I asked her what her favourite thing had been at the fun day. ‘Nothing’.  I probed a little further. ‘I didn’t like nothing.’  She hasn’t grasped the concept of a double-negative, so I can only assume she thinks she didn’t have fun.  Meanwhile, Small Girl cried all the way home and refused to walk, so I had to carry her while trying not to draw attention to the fact that she was being carried, or else Big Girl would also want to be carried.

Days out with children usually end in tears.  It’s not a sign of a failed day out, just some tired children.  But it would be nice sometimes to have someone to remind me about the fun bits and to help me believe it’s worth the effort of taking them out, rather than just leaving them in front of the tv watching endless episodes of Peppa Pig.

Oh, and to have someone to share the carrying-small-children with, of course…


2 responses to “Fun day? Apparently not.

  1. We missed a ‘fun day’ at the park!! That wasn’t very well advertised.
    It’s about time they got some bloody birds in that aviary.
    Anyhow, it sounds like a great day – just tiredness making them grumpy. Mine is the same.

    • It was really not well advertised – it was hard to even find information on the internet. I’m not used to having spare days to fill or else I’d have thought to ask if you were going.

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