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A load of rubbish

on April 16, 2013

I forgot to put my black bin* out on Friday.  Small Girl had chicken pox (I don’t want to talk about it) and then fell head-first off the spare bed (I *really* don’t want to talk about it) and in the resulting hecticness, I just forgot.  Unfortunately, my black bin is almost full.  And someone has stolen my brown bin.  So I have nowhere to put my rubbish.

I had thought that I could use this opportunity to reflect on my environmental impact, to try to reduce the amount of rubbish I produce, to perhaps create some kind of artwork which would reflect on the effects of our consumer lifestyle.

But what I’m actually doing is collecting my rubbish into carrier bags, taking it out with me and casually sliding it into litter bins as I pass.  I’m pretty sure this is illegal but I don’t have many options other than storing it all in boxes in my cellar or chucking it over the back fence and then being fined for flytipping.  Or freezing it.  I could put it all in my freezer… Clearly the possibilities are limitless.  In future I could just remember to put my bin out in time.


*For international readers: most councils in the UK now run a complicated bin collection system to encourage recycling.  Our local system runs as follows: a black bin, for general rubbish, which is emptied fortnightly. A green bin for glass, tins and recyclable plastic, which is emptied fortnightly in the weeks the black bin isn’t collected.  A brown bin for food and garden waste, which is emptied weekly. And a blue bin for paper, which is emptied tri-weekly.


One response to “A load of rubbish

  1. Myn says:

    I have perfected the art that is setting off for work on Thursday, and noticing that all the neighbours have black or black and green bins out, therefore I should have done that too, but can’t now or I’ll miss the bus. Fortunately the cats don’t generate as much rubbish as small humans do.

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