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Sewing, interrupted

on April 7, 2013

My best friend and I have been planning this weekend for a while.  She turned up yesterday with her sewing machine.  I had limes, mint and rum as well as raspberry vodka, archers, and soda water.  Drinking and sewing and a whole weekend with my very best friend – what more could we want?

A son with a (minor) head injury, apparently.  Fortunately the phone call came after we’d started sewing but before we’d started on the cocktails, so we quickly ate dinner and threw everything back in her car and home she went.

I’m disappointed but we can reschedule.  I spent the rest of the evening sewing while watching The Great British Sewing Bee and then Doctor Who on iPlayer.  I’m making a dress.  It’s a bit of a challenge because my waist and boobs are two sizes bigger than my shoulders and hips.  So I’ve had to adjust the pattern and make a toile.  This is completely different to a toilet.  It’s a practice version, put together quickly, to check the sizing.  Granted, it means you won’t waste your time putting together a piece of clothing which doesn’t actually fit, but it feels like a huge amount of work for nothing.  The temptation is to give up and go and do something which is likely to be finished this decade, rather than stretching off into the future to be passed down to my grandchildren to be finished (I’m not joking.  I started knitting a blanket for my nephew.  He is now 5.  I failed to finish it for Big Girl and had no hope of finishing it for Small Girl.  And if I can’t manage to knit a blanket for my own children, there is no hope of finishing it for anyone else’s).

So I’m not thinking about putting together the dress, or finishing it, or wearing it.  I am thinking about each tiny step, so I can get some sense of achievement.  I am thinking about tracing the pattern.  I’ve just finished cutting the pattern out.  My brain feels as if it has been trampled by a herd of wombats, trying to work out all the implications of moving 3cm of dress from the hem of the skirt to the waistband (short legs, long back – it’s a family curse).  But I’m quite proud of myself.  Well, as proud as I’m willing to be before the dress is finished…


2 responses to “Sewing, interrupted

  1. Myn says:

    As someone who recently cut a load of dress pieces and then discovered the bodice was completely the wrong size, i am massivey impressed by your attention to detail and commitment to making a mock up instead of bodging along hopefully. If only I had the patience!

    • I downloaded a dress pattern off the internet recently. It had a 1″ line which you could measure to check it was to the right scale. My 1″ line on the paper pattern was 7/8″, and I decided it wouldn’t make that much difference. Until I couldn’t get the bodice on. Fortunately, that bodice was also a toile so I hadn’t wasted too much time and effort (and lovely fabric) – it’s taught me the value of a practice go.

      I have just tried on the dress I’m making, which still needs lining and finishing, as I thought it would be worth checking it fits while I can still make adjustments, and discovered that while it fits almost perfectly, it has pleats in just the right place to make me look pregnant. Ah well. You can’t have everything.

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