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Of course it’s not my fault that the washing up isn’t done.

on February 4, 2013

I’m not sure what I will do, in a year or so, when I can no longer blame Small Girl for the state of my house.  At the moment it’s very easy to do.  Firstly, she is some kind of Mini-Goddess-of-Chaos.  She deliberately drops all the chalks on the floor, one by one.  As I am clearing them up she empties out a full box of tissues.  I pick the tissues up.  She shreds one of them and strews the pieces across the rug.  And of course, in the background Big Girl is quietly getting out every toy we own, playing with it for ten seconds and then moving onto the next.

But this isn’t the real problem.  This is normal 18-month-old behaviour and she will grow out of it.  The real problem is this: she wakes up around 7.  This is, of course, after waking up at 1.30 am for a feed, waking up at 4 or 5 and coming into bed with me for the rest of the night, where she might, or might not, sleep  (Sleeping with my baby in bed with me is bliss.  Lying in bed with my baby while she breastfeeds on and off for two hours induces indescribable despair.  It is the cruellest form of insomnia.  Breastfeeding produces hormones which make you want to sleep.  Feeding Small Girl mostly stops me sleeping.  Cruel, I tell you.  Just cruel).  Then we get up and have breakfast and get dressed, which takes about two hours (how can this be the case? I have no idea, but it is) and then, for the rest of the day, Small Girl wants holding or feeding.  Then we have tea, stories, bath and bed.  Bedtime lasts until around 10.30 pm and I try to get to bed for midnight.  This leaves me an hour and a half to do everything including sending emails, watching tv, getting things ready for the next day and tidying up all the toys Big Girl has carefully spread across the lounge while I was putting Small Girl to bed.  Is it any wonder that every single item of crockery and cutlery is waiting to be washed up and my kitchen floor is carpeted in weetabix? Am I the only person I know who, when visitors are due, spends a long time trying to make the house look ‘a bit untidy’ rather than ‘like a hovel of despair’?

Obviously it’s all about priorities.  Obviously, if I *really* cared that much my washing up would be done.  Because when Big Girl and Small Girl are at their dad’s house, my house is still untidy and the washing up remains in the sink.  Why would I wash up when there’s a whole world out there?

So, in the next twelve months I need to find some better excuses.  Or space for a dishwasher.


2 responses to “Of course it’s not my fault that the washing up isn’t done.

  1. Myn says:

    I vote dishwasher!

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