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Complaining about being grumpy: I get more cheerful every day.

on October 28, 2012

Today I am gloomy.  Like Eyore. Full of gloom.  It is raining outside. My insides are not happy.  I’ve just watched Die Hard 4.0.  I have enough reasons to be miserable.  But, largely, it’s because I’m post-operative.  You know when you’re getting over something, and you’re just a bit bored, and a bit too tired to actually *do* anything? Like that.

Elective operations are a stupid idea.  You go into hospital feeling ok, you wake up feeling sick, tired and sore.  You spend days recovering.  Haemorrhoidectomies are incredibly painful.  General anaesthetic makes me hideously sick.  On Thursday morning I wasn’t sure why I was doing this.  On Thursday evening I woke up feeling… well… really quite healthy.  On Friday I was positively cheerful. The anaesthetists did an amazing job of stopping me being sick.  My bottom was only uncomfortable.  Pretty good going.  I even squeezed in lunch before I was discharged and picked up by a lovely friend.

On Friday night my sister stayed over to help me with the girls.  She collected them from nursery. She made tea. She even got them to sleep (she came down after half an hour. “How did you get them to sleep?” I asked. “I just sat with them.  It’s ok, but you couldn’t do it every night”.  Seriously? If I could get them to sleep by sitting with them for half an hour each night, I would be celebrating.  I would be dancing. I would attempt to write some sort of childcare book based on the strategy, though I would probably have to dress up ‘sit next to them for half an hour’ with some kind of pseudo-science and probably a sleep chart).  On Saturday morning she left for home and they left for their dad’s.  I headed to bed with my laptop, season 6 of West Wing and a Guardian (after a trip to the newsagent to argue about the Weekend magazine not being delivered and a trip to another newsagent to buy a new copy).  That was Saturday.  I quite liked being a hermit, having an excuse to stay in bed, recover, and do exactly what I wanted.  I had a tv delivered, courtesy of another very kind friend, as mine has inexplicably stopped working.  Yet another friend visited in the evening with some food and cake and good company.  Like I said, I am surrounded by kindness.

Today? Well, I just feel grumpy.  I’m still uncomfortable (yes, really.  I am complaining about being uncomfortable three days after having an operation on my bottom.  There is no limit to what I will complain about).  My stomach is not happy about the laxatives and fibre stuff I’ve been prescribed.  I miss my children but am also despairing at the thought of endless disturbed nights.  I’m tired. I’m bored.  I want to binge-watch West Wing but I’m not prepared to waste Season 7 on a day like this.  I am wasting a child-free day by lying around in my pyjamas feeling miserable.

I don’t really mind being grumpy.  It’s just part of getting over an operation.  Last night I slept all night. Tonight I’ll sleep all night.  Hopefully I’ll feel more well in the morning.  My children will come home and be pleased to see me.  And, well, the piles are gone.  Success!



2 responses to “Complaining about being grumpy: I get more cheerful every day.

  1. BorderlinePrincess says:

    Hiya, hope you are feeling better. I was due to have an op to cut yikes the dreaded piles. But I freaked out even though I was reassured it wasn’t painful. Thinking about it is causing me anxiety and panic. But its got worse and I need to get it done. But I am petrified. I have given birth, had tattoos but I don’t know, just scared of the general anastetic and pain afterwards. Enjoy the weekend.x

  2. I am feeling less gloomy now, but very tired as Small Girl is sleeping very badly. It’s taken over my life at the moment – I’ve contact the health visitors to ask for some help. I am glad that I’ve had the operation done but it has had quite a big effect on my life – it’s much harder organising everything when you’re a single parent, isn’t it? Good luck with getting the op organised – it sounds like you have quite a lot on your plate.

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