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If you can’t say anything funny, don’t say anything at all.

on October 4, 2012

I haven’t posted in a while.

There are some things going on at work which are huge and stressful. I don’t want to write about them, but it’s hard to know how to talk about anything else.

I started a couple of posts, one involving sick and screaming and lack of sleep. It was almost funny but I couldn’t quite get there.  It’s Seasonal Affective Disorder time again, so I find it harder to be funny about anything. And when I’m not being funny, I’m just whiney.

There are good things coming.  In November, the children are going to stay with Ex-Husband for a couple of nights and I’m going on holiday.  I think, after the year I’ve just had, I need a break. I’m going to Scarborough, as it’s by the sea and easy to get to on the train. It may also be bleak and full of despair in November. But I don’t care. I’m planning on going to the theatre and staying in a hotel with an indoor swimming pool.  I’ll be fine.

I’ve also started seeing a chiropractor.  In my head, chiropractic sits in a box with homeopathy and crystal healing and other things that I just can’t help being sceptical about.  But I have been told that the first three years of the training are the same as a GP’s.  And that it’s to do with helping your nervous system to work as well as it can. And about finding good health rather than just treating symptoms.  And about helping your body to deal with stress well.  These are all good things.  And as I have health insurance through work which pays for it, it can’t do any harm. If it just makes me prioritise going to bed, doing more exercise and eating vegetables, it’s worthwhile.  I had my first proper treatment today and I’ve felt sick and tired all day, so clearly it’s a good thing… But I am off to bed now.

I’ll be back soon when I can be funnier.


4 responses to “If you can’t say anything funny, don’t say anything at all.

  1. I’m not convinced that GP’s would claim to have the same 3 first years of training as each other, and I can’t imagine my first 3 years being all that helpful to a chiropracter. Several forms of chiropractic work however I have no problem with. Like any field, some of them are indeed quite odd and fit nicely into the category that you described. If it works for you though……

  2. I went to my counselling appointment today, which was held in a physiotherapist’s consulting room. I was struck by how similar the posters on the wall were to the pictures in the chiropractor’s centre. But with significantly fewer inspiring quotes.

    I’m not sure if it is working for me. But even if it’s just a fairly pleasant placebo or encourages me to make changes I need to, I’m happy with that.

  3. Nothing to do with this post – but I saw this and thought of you!! I think I need to make this to go in your kitchen – maybe I’ll get round to it by Christmas (Ha, ha!!)

    • That would be amazing. And I could rearrange it to spell things like ‘o a weary amuse’ if I wanted. The internet means we are never going to have time to do all the things we want to. Sadly.

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