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My children are about to become buried in a shower of hastily-constructed dresses

on September 9, 2012

This weekend has been a good one.  I’ve been on my first ever stag do for a friend at work, which was incredibly civilised – two pints of cider and a curry and lots of good conversation.  And I went to a sewing workshop to learn how to do clothes alterations – take up hems and put in darts.  I wanted to get some new sewing skills, meet some new people and get a little bit inspired to do some sewing again.

I know I said I was going to get sewing again. I haven’t. Well, I half made a little cat keyring. But only half.  I’m just not feeling inspired.  But at the workshop there was a woman with small children, and she said she likes making dresses for her children because they’re quick.  And Big Girl *loves* dresses at the moment.  She certainly doesn’t get her desire to wear pretty dresses from me.  But I’ve decided to try some dressmaking.  I googled “toddler girl dress free pattern” and found this – 25 free dress tutorials for babies and toddlers!

Despite my complete lack of girlyness (although I am very occasionally seen in a skirt and only really drink pink drinks) I am very excited.  I love the Andy Warhol dress – I want to make that for Small Girl. And I want to make the 2-minute t-shirt dress, although that involves somehow getting elastic into my sewing machine.  I’m also a bit scared by the thought of working out how to download a pattern, print it off and turn it into a real pattern.  But I’m going to head off to ebay to look at fabric…  Watch this space!

(No, really.  I promise.  Watch this space)


2 responses to “My children are about to become buried in a shower of hastily-constructed dresses

  1. The stag do was very good, just dont expect me to help with your sewing

  2. seaswift says:

    The sewing projects sound exciting – good luck!

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