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I don’t like packing, so I’m just not doing it

on August 23, 2012

I’m getting ready to go to Greenbelt.

Actually, I’m doing everything I can to avoid getting ready to go to Greenbelt.  I am having serious anxiety.  It’s an arts festival at Cheltenham Racecourse. There will be bands. There will be art. There will be all manner of children’s things including, I think, a farm and a performance of ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’. It’s Christian but I don’t like to mention that because I then want to say “but not like you think”, and who knows what you think? It’s broad and liberal and inclusive and lovely and has been a massive part of my faith journey towards not believing in God.

Oh, and it involves four nights in a tent with Big Girl and Small Girl.  What could possibly go wrong?

It’s not as bad as I think. I’m camping with Rachel and Chris, friends from uni, and their baby, in their tent that is possibly bigger than my house. They are lovely and helpful. I’m going on the train so I can go home if I really don’t like it. I’m just anxious.

While I’m there I’m planning on trying out Twitter.  I’ve never really worked out how to make it work for me, what to use it for. I’ve been thinking for a while that I might like to use it to post all those random thoughts which can’t justify a blog post but I’d still like to say.  Things like “Big Girl has just thrown my book in the toilet”. Or “when your toddler wees on a cushion that says ‘sponge clean only’, would you put it in the washing machine?”. Greenbelt seems like the ideal place to try it out. Please follow me, comment and RT @ProjectAwesomes (damn those people, everywhere, who have taken ‘ProjectAwesome’ and never really used it).


5 responses to “I don’t like packing, so I’m just not doing it

  1. I took my then two year old camping last year. He loved it and still talks about sleeping in the tent! He loved eating breakfast outside. I am sure you will have a great time! Welcome to twitter x

  2. Jenny says:

    Hope you’re having a great time, I’m very jealous, this time we won’t be going as my husband is organising a beach mission this week so I’m playing the pretty woman. It seems like everyone I know is there this year, one day I’ll get to experience the wonder of Greenbelt. My boys love camping, I’m quite a wimp about it, v impressed you’re taking your two. I’d love to know a bit more about you’re faith journey towards not believing in God, sounds fascinating.

    • I’m just trying to write a post that somehow expresses some of my experience of Greenbelt, but it’s hard. It feels like trying to explain a dream. I was hoping to see you – there was an Old School Speak gathering (of course, a gathering…) which I thought you might be at. Next year is the 40th Greenbelt, so worth coming to.

      As for the God stuff, I’ll try to write a post about it.

      • Jenny says:

        I’d love to have been there, especially the speak part of it, unfortunately it’s one of Pete’s biggest weeks of the year, and will be next year 😦 I’m not sure I’ll be be brave enough to take both boys camping solo – I am in awe of your efforts.
        I’m looking forward to reading your post, especially following the part in your greenbelt post about your church.

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