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Excuse me, I need instructions for a stasis booth, please

on August 8, 2012

So, Big Girl is away.  While it frequently feels that the whole universe is just wrong, and nothing may ever be right again, at least not until Saturday, there are some things which I like.  I’m enjoying spending more time with Little Girl.  It’s amazingly easy to go places.  This morning I woke up at 7am and had Small Girl at nursery and 7.40.  Yes, in her pyjamas and without changing her nappy (at breakfast time she smears weetabix all over herself and then does a poo.  I’m just saving time for everyone) but still, it’s impressive.

And tonight… Well, she was asleep at 7.05pm.  This is UNPRECEDENTED.  This may be the first time in my whole life that I have had a child asleep in bed this early (and yes, she did wake up 45 minutes later.  I’m guessing she thought she’d just let me have one episode of West Wing. Fooled you! I was tidying the kitchen! Oh wait…).    So what I’m thinking is that I need some sort of stasis booth.  Each night I can put one of them in it for the night and deal with the other one.  Big Girl is much easier to get to sleep once she’s in bed but can have running tantrums until she gets there, on a bad night.  Small Girl, just by virtue of being small and not a 2-year-old, is much easier to get into bed but requires any amount of coaxing to get her to sleep. And still wakes up two or three times most nights.

I appreciate that, while in stasis they wouldn’t actually age, so this would stretch their childhoods out by approximately an extra quarter, and would cause difficulties as they wouldn’t age in line with school years.  But that’s a price I’m prepared to pay for easier evenings.  Now I just need to find some instructions…


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