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Big Girl’s busy day

on July 21, 2012

So it turns out that all I need to do to get my children to sleep (today, anyway) is wear them out. Today we have been to see Peppa Pig – a Max Spielman fun day where I paid £5 to force Big Girl to have her picture taken with a Max Spielman employee in an alarming costume. Then we had coffee and cake with a friend who has children almost exactly the same age as Big Girl and Small Girl. I’m not sure why I still believe, against all evidence, that taking my children to a coffee shop will be fun for anyone. There was crying. There was snatching. There was running up and down stairs. And that was just Holly and me.

After this we walked home, going on one of those merry-go-rounds, which Big Girl loved and then cried when she had to get off (Why do nicer activities lead to more crying? Is this fair? How many more years should I expect of this?). On the way home we popped into a table-top sale in a massive church, where Big Girl got to drive one of those red plastic cars which all children love and no house has room for. We also had a go on a prize-every-time tombola, which I later realised is just a way of selling all your jumble for a pound each and making everyone feel like a winner. I am stealing this idea for my next fundraising event. We won these attractive table-cloth clips, which I am hoping to dispose of when Big Girl isn’t looking.



When we got home we decided to go to the local park (if I’d had any idea the weather would be so good we’d have gone to the zoo all day instead). It has recently had a make-over and has fantastic fountains. Big Girl ran around in them for half an hour in her swimming costume while Small Girl cried if the water touched her.

Then it was swings, slides, roundabouts, the ducks, lots of running around and climbing on rocks and balancing on walls and finally home for some tears, tantrums and a more manageably-sized Peppa Pig, some tea, a bath and into bed. And she was asleep within minutes quite happily.

Me? I’m not sure I could manage this level of activity every day.  But I might be willing to try.


Piccadilly Gardens photo © Copyright David Dixon and licensed for reuse under thisCreative Commons Licence


One response to “Big Girl’s busy day

  1. Zoe says:

    I love those days where you feel like it has been a really fun filled and active day. they feel like successful parenting days

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