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Ongoing Awesomeness

on July 16, 2012

If my journey into single-parenting was a pregnancy, I’d be expecting a baby any day now. 9 months ago Ex-Husband left me. While it doesn’t feel that momentous, I notice the date each month – but it doesn’t make me cry any more.

And as far as single-parenting goes, I’ve got really good at managing two children, making decisions for them, living with mountains of washing up and inventing meals from 5 unrelated items in my fridge because I’ve failed to order shopping yet again.

Co-parenting is a different matter. We’ve not got the hang of that yet. Trying to make decisions about your children with someone who has a completely different idea about what they need and no longer gives a shit about what you want is, it’s fair to say, a challenge. Trying to separate out what is best for them from how I feel is really hard – but I am doing a good job.

And what about making my life more awesome? I feel like I’m falling down there. I’m existing, but my life is miserable. Well, I say it’s miserable. A couple of weeks ago I went out for my birthday – drinks and cocktails at The Cornerhouse followed by dancing at Fab Cafe. And this weekend I went to Chill Factore and threw myself down a snowy slope on various different bits of equipment, followed by food and cocktails at Hard Rock cafe. It sounds pretty miserable, I’m sure you’ll agree.

It’s just the other bits. The rest of my life. I blame the West Wing. I’ve become addicted to the passive escapism, the dream of my life being meaningful in the way that only fictional members of a US administration can hope for.

And while my original goals (writing, sewing, climbing, learning) are not some kind of Holy Grail for a satisfying existence, they were things I enjoyed doing. Climbing is on hold – I need to see how my free time will look when new contact arrangements for the children start in September – before I commit to a course to learn how to belay and mess about with ropes.

But sewing – I’m missing the satisfaction of spending a few hours creating something that I’ll then never wear or use. So I’m setting myself a goal. Here are two pairs of jeans which have worn into holes. I’m going to use them to create two new items in the next month six weeks or so – watch this space…



7 responses to “Ongoing Awesomeness

  1. Hannah says:

    At least one has to be one of those bags we ask made when we were little.

  2. I shall look forward to seeing what you make! If your looking for inspiration I made a much loved toy out of one of my old pairs of jeans

    • That’s brilliant! I had thought about a cushion of some sort. I think one of the things about making something from a pair of jeans is maintaining some of the key features that make it look like a pair of jeans, rather than just something made from denim – the pockets or the zip – I really like how you’ve done that.

      • Thankyou. I have seen some lovely denim cushions though, particulary patchwork and union jack designs, made with different tones of denim. What ever you decide will be amazing I am sure!

  3. Zoe says:

    regardless of cont4ext, whenever anything is nine months i think “could have had a baby in that time!” this has gone on for long as i can remember. i like to thing it adds a sense of perspective (it doesn’t)

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