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Two in the bed

on June 16, 2012

Today I am being impressively productive.  Ex-Husband is coming on Monday to take away some furniture I’m not using, and also the bed I’m currently sleeping in, so I’ve had to arrange to have a new bed delivered and I’m taking the opportunity to move some furniture around.  So far this morning I’ve moved a cupboard, hoovered where it was, taken all the books off a bookcase, moved the bookcase to where the cupboard was, put all the books back on the bookcase and then hoovered where the bookcase was.  I’ve also put away a load of clothes that were on the floor next to the bookcase and cleared everything out from under the bed.  I haven’t, however, managed to get dressed yet.  I suspect I may forget that I’m still wearing pyjamas under the jeans and jumper I chucked on to take delivery of my new bed and actually go out like this. Fortunately I’ll fit right in here in Manchester.

It’s been a bit depressing choosing a new bed by myself.  I’m still adjusting to the idea that I have to make decisions by myself – I’m not really used to it.  And there’s something extra-miserable about choosing a new bed on my own because no-one else really gives a shit what I’m sleeping in. However, the good thing about this is that I’m making my sleeping arrangements more suitable for me and Little Girl.


I still co-sleep with Little Girl.  She usually goes to sleep in her cot at around 8.30pm and wakes for a feed at 11.  At this point, she comes into bed with me.  I have a bed guard on her side of the bed to stop her falling out but it doesn’t go all the way down and I do worry about her falling out.  So, now there’s no-one getting in or out of that side of the bed, I’m going to put my new bed against the wall (where the bookcase was) so she can’t fall out, wriggle out or roll out.  I’m also taking the sides off Big Girl’s cot and cable-tying one of them to the end of the bed, so she can’t escape over the footboard while I’m on the toilet. I’m fairly sure I’ll come to regret taking the sides off Big Girl’s cot (when she’s running round her room emptying drawers at 1am) but it’s a risk I’m going to take.

I love co-sleeping.  It makes life easier (I can lie down while patting Little Girl to try to make her go back to sleep).  It’s friendly (I miss her when she’s not there).  And I think she likes it. I do find sometimes that I’m sleeping in about 18″ of a king-sized bed while she sleeps horizontally across the rest of it.  And I do occasionally get kicked by her cast. I don’t expect she’ll still be sleeping in bed with me when she’s 10. But while she likes it and I like it, I don’t have a problem with it.

I’m just waiting for Big Girl to work out how she’ll open the stair gate across her bedroom door and then I expect there’ll be three in the bed…


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