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Why cider is always the best option

on June 13, 2012

Tonight is the first night of a new arrangement – Big Girl and Little Girl are spending an extra night every four weeks with Ex-Husband. I had to choose between a night in, catching up with housework, starting season 1 of The West Wing and probably getting an early night, or taking the opportunity to get to a Wednesday night session of Sanctus1 for probably the first time in a couple of years. I went for the option most likely to involve a trip to the pub.

Sanctus 1 has been the place I’ve explored my faith, questioned my faith, pulled it to bits and struggled to find some sort of faith again. I haven’t succeeded yet but I keep trying. We meet in an art cafe in Manchester city centre. Trying to explain what Sanctus is is difficult. I start with “it’s a church” and then spend the rest of the conversation trying to explain why it isn’t like whatever ‘church’ makes you think of.

Tonight we talked about the current art exhibition. We talked about spirituality in art, the process of making pieces of art, about art in the current austerity climate – is it a necessity or a luxury? Is it easier or harder to be creative when life is a struggle? – and about whether we can find God in art. I looked at a piece of conceptual art about survival skills in a post-apocolyptic world and reflected on one of my responses to anxiety – making a plan to survive a zombie outbreak. In reality I’m actually wondering whether I would be able to be a good enough parent when I’m questioning if I would put myself at risk to protect my children from zombies. I like to think I would but zombies really frighten me.

Following this we went to the pub where I had a pint-and-a-bit of apple and blackcurrant cider (hence the slightly random nature of this blog post), discussed the future of bookshops in the face of Amazon’s rampant monopoly and Fat Roland did an impromptu reading from his new book which is surreal and has lots of pictures in it.


I struggle to balance my need to go out and have fun against my need for sleep, relaxation and box sets of US drama series. Tonight I think I made the right choice – being with my Sanctus friends I feel alive, I feel like I’m me, I feel like I’m thinking and mostly not talking about toddler poo. I feel like I’m funny and interesting and likeable. And I hope it’s not just the cider.


3 responses to “Why cider is always the best option

  1. Anarty says:

    Cider IS always the best option. Could not agree more!!!

  2. Merlin says:

    Step away from the cider!

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