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on April 24, 2012

… I finished my current sewing project.  It’s a bag from Cath Kidston’s book.  It’s a shopping bag like this:

and then, if you want to, you can unfold it – tada!

I made it for my best friend who gave me the Cath Kidston book, to encourage me in my sewing endeavours, and she has declared herself very pleased with it. It’s actually bigger than I expected, so I wonder what you’d need a bag quite that big for, but it’s a nice idea. You can go out shopping with your reasonably-normal-sized bag and then if someone ambushes you with a bunch of flowers, you can extend your bag to fit them in.

So, I’ve learnt a lot through making this bag.  I’ve learnt that it is actually important to copy your pattern accurately and then cut the fabric out accurately or else you have to do a bit of botching together.  I’ve learnt that I’m not particularly good at accurate measuring or straight lines (actually, I already knew that.  It’s just been reinforced).  I learnt about bias binding (using it, not making it.  I’m not crazy).  I learnt that if you have a bit of trouble with your sewing machine tension, you might run out of the thread which matches your fabric and have to pretend you’re doing some seams in a contrasting colour for the aesthetics rather than because you swore to yourself that you definitely would finish making the damn thing this weekend, and you can’t go out to buy sewing thread in your pyjamas. Um, and I had a lot of fun.



2 responses to “Finally…

  1. Myn says:

    Nice! 🙂

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