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Suburban mum

on April 14, 2012

I look like the perfect suburban mum. Probably a poor suburban mum – I’m in New Look rather than Next today, and certainly not Boden, or whatever it is that proper Yummy Mummies wear. But we’re in Ikea, I’ve got my Phil & Teds pushchair and my two beautiful children are behaving pretty well. Big Girl has been hiding in wardrobes and emptying kitchen cupboards, but I’m pretty sure that’s acceptable behaviour from a 2-year-old.

I’m trying to make decisions. I need a new oven because mine doesn’t really work. Ikea has 25% off for family card members during April, so it seems like a good idea to look. But it feels complicated because I also need to sort out installation, and I might want to get a double oven, in which case I’d need bits of my kitchen units cutting off.

And then I might need to get a new bed. The one I am currently sleeping in was on loan and needs to go back. The double bed in the attic, currently the spare bed, could be brought down into my room. But it was the bed we were given when we got married and I think I’d like a new bed for my new life.

However, I need to think about future sleeping arrangements. Big Girl is in the small bedroom by herself at the moment, and Little Girl is still in the big bedroom with me, and most nights in bed with me. I have this vague idea that at some point I’ll put Big Girl in the big bedroom with Small Girl, and I’ll inhabit the attic room, which is not actually a proper bedroom and has narrow stairs and no door, but would be beautiful. And I like the idea of having a new room, one I never shared with Ex-Husband, and making it my own.

But if I buy a new bed now, I would have to be sure it could be dismantled and reassembled upstairs. I have to think about whether to get a double or king size – I fully expect to have two children in bed with me fairly frequently. I have to make decisions based on a future which doesn’t feel very clear at the moment, and make them all by myself.

But still, it could be much worse. I’m in Ikea with my two beautiful children and I realise that I do feel like I’m living the perfect suburban life. For this afternoon, anyway.


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