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Crashing, burning, and rising, phoenix-like, from the ashes

on April 12, 2012

Monday is the six-month anniversary of Ex-Husband leaving. I was building up to a triumphant post about how far I’ve come, what I’ve achieved, just how amazing my life is and how happy I am.

Unfortunately, the past couple of days have been shitty. I had my hopes raised and smashed, and got quite badly hurt. I think I thought I was impervious to more hurt. I’m not.

So what do you do when you get hurt again? First of all you cry. In the kitchen. At work. Then you go home and put your children to bed. Then you cry some more, ring your best friend and tell her how shit life is, and how unfair it is. Then you reflect on how doing things to make your life better doesn’t necessarily make you feel better. And then you wonder what to do next.

Well, I did plan to go climbing tonight. I didn’t exactly want to, as work is really tiring, but there’s free coaching and I didn’t want to not go in case I just never went again. And then one of my friends mentioned an event he’s organised at Blackwell’s bookshop at Manchester Uni. He organises events every so often and I can’t go because I have the children. Tonight I don’t have children.

So I’m going to listen to some poets I have never heard of and not drink free beer (because I don’t like beer – what are the chances of there being free mojitos too?) and mix with the Manchester literati, who can marvel at my eclectic dress sense – what happens when you mix work clothes and climbing clothes… I’m hoping to have fun, and maybe even buy a book.


4 responses to “Crashing, burning, and rising, phoenix-like, from the ashes

  1. Merlin says:

    Listening to poets sounds good. Although potentially risky – they can be a depressing lot!

  2. Ruth says:

    How was it? I’ve been away so just catching up with blogs.

    • I liked it. It was good to get back to Oxford Road and be in the university environment again – it made me realise how much I miss it. And I enjoyed doing something different. I practiced talking to someone I don’t know. And then I went home and slept, which I also enjoyed.

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