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fitter, healthier and more productive

on April 10, 2012

I’ve just read Seaswift’s post about housework and I love it.  It’s not just tips to make your house tidier – it’s a whole different mindset – being efficient and doing the little things which have a big effect.  I quite like being inefficient and a bit slack (I’m not really prepared to describe myself as lazy any more.  Apparently some people consider it a perjorative term).  I like wasting time on the internet.  I like wasting time reading magazines on the toilet.  I like putting off things which really need doing by doing things which don’t really need doing. However, unfortunately, I don’t have time to waste at the moment.  As I posted recently, I feel like I’m barely coping and it’s the fear of everything falling to bits which is the problem.  I think Seaswift’s tips would give an illusion of competency and control, which could make all the difference.  By ‘all the difference’, I mean ‘a bit of difference’. Obviously.

I’ve also got hold of a copy of ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’.  My thought was that I’d read a chapter a week and try to put the habits into practice and perhaps write here about the impact it has on my effectiveness.  However, I haven’t had chance to even read it yet.  Plumping cushions and wiping worktops may be an easier way to start.


I considered titling this “A pig in a cage on antibiotics” but decided that would be just a bit too obscure.  Look at me with my Radiohead references!


2 responses to “fitter, healthier and more productive

  1. Simon H. says:

    I read your opening title as the tagline on a dating website last week. I sent her a message about the pig in a cage. Funnily enough she replied.

  2. Honestly, it wasn’t me…

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