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on March 31, 2012

This morning I am very tired. This is probably because Little Girl woke for a feed before 5am and refused to go back to sleep until about 6.30am, preferring to shriek like a seagull and make motorbike noises.  Her partner in crime started shouting “Mummy! I need my mummy” at about 7am, and after Ex-Husband’s tale of how she got up in the morning, took her nappy off and tried to take herself to the toilet, resulting in poo on the bed, the doors, the floor, the toilet (I admit, I laughed), I’m quick to respond to her.

However, I would probably be feeling a bit more human if I’d gone to bed at a sensible time last night, rather than staying up sewing.  I haven’t done any sewing for a few weeks as last time I tried the bottom thread kept tangling up and I couldn’t work out how to make it better.  Now, my sewing machine is quite old.  In fact, it was my mum’s so I reckon it’s heading towards 40.  I have memories of my mum sewing clothes for us with it when we were small (dresses with puffy sleeves which matched the skirt and which tied in a bow at the back… Yes, I’m a child of the 70s) and I love the feeling of family history, although I haven’t used it to make any clothes for my children yet. But you can still look for parts on it online.  I checked and I’ve been using the wrong bobbin.  I tried again last night with the right bobbin and it seemed to work.  I’m feeling excited again.

It’s all about perseverance at the moment.  I went climbing on Wednesday and it was dismal.  I tried a couple of new routes – Lilac 6 and 7 – and failed to conquer either of them.  Lilac 6 was at an angle away from the wall, and I don’t seem to have the arm strength to manage anything beyond vertical.  Lilac 7 was just too hard – I couldn’t get my feet in the right place. I felt disheartened and went home feeling I’d achieved less than nothing. I think maybe I was too tired and too miserable to push myself to succeed. There’s a part of me that’s tempted to give up, to say I’ve had a go and I’m not that good at it. But when I’ve tried and succeeded I’ve felt great. So I’m going to keep going.  The next opportunity I’ll have to go is one of the nights they offer free coaching so I’ll get some help and advice – yes, I’ll approach someone who’s really good at climbing and say “Hello, I can’t climb your sixth easiest route, could you spare some time from flinging yourself up overhangs at 6m in the air and tell me what I’m doing wrong?”  There’s also a 3-hour course for improving your climbing which I might do.  And maybe I’ll take Simon up on his offer of rope-holding.  What I won’t do is give up.  Yet…


2 responses to “Persevering

  1. seaswift says:

    I think it was Einstein who said “It is not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” Stick with it and who knows what you might achieve!

  2. Thanks – I like being compared to Einstein. I suppose half the battle is deciding what things are worth sticking with.

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