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on March 7, 2012

I am feeling busy. I haven’t managed to do any sewing for a week and a half. My sewing machine looks at me reproachfully every time I go near it. (That’s not true, of course. Sewing machines don’t have eyes). Obviously, not having time to sew is not one of life’s tragedies. And it’s not like I’m not doing fun and useful things. I’ve been climbing. I’ve had my eyes tested. I had coffee with a friend. Today I had a lovely long lunch with Fat Roland. I also spent two hours while Little Girl was trying out nursery doing some essential paperwork which would have been much harder with children around (“Mummy colouring? Big Girl colouring!”).

So I’m not complaining that I never get to do anything fun. I just can’t do everything I want or need to. If I’m climbing, I can’t be sewing. If I’m meeting up with friends I can’t also be having a lovely relaxing bath. And whatever I’m doing, I’m not sleeping. I’d love to, I just don’t have time.

And day-to-day, I feel like I can’t do everything I need to. We go out every day – with a toddler, staying in all day is not a good idea. Once we’ve got up, dressed and had breakfast, gone out and come back, had lunch and cleaned up, done some essential housework (cleaning clothes, cleaning dishes), made and eaten tea, well, it’s time for a bath and bed. If I play with my children we don’t get clean clothes. Or the dishes don’t get washed. My hoover probably also throws me baleful stares but I’m ignoring it.

What I would really like is some sort of elf who lives in my cellar and comes out and cleans up so I can say “Yes, Big Girl, I will come and row your boat with you”. This seems unlikely to happen, so I guess it’s just me. So, somehow, I need to get better at this.  What’s my plan?  First of all, reduce the amount I have to do: if the children can re-use clothes or bibs that reduces the amount of washing I have to put on, hang up and put away.  I can probably make a lot less washing up when I cook if I try. And I could become one of those boring people who put things away when they’ve finished with them, throws away envelopes when opening their post, and generally avoids piles of crap being strewn around the house. It might just be worth it.  And then I need to get better at actually doing the housework.  I’m going to do a meal plan and shopping list so I don’t end up with only one slice of bread in the house because I’ve not managed a Tescos order.  But what else can I do to make housework easier? Any tips?


6 responses to “Busy

  1. zpembers says:

    I’m exactly the same as you. So I’m trying to do one room at night. Just sort of keep on top of it a bit. meal planner are a genius idea. the weekend jake is at his dads is when bedding gets done and the house is definitely hoovered and mopped. do paperwork when jake is in bed (impossible to file paperwork when four olds love rearranging piles). also, to do lists, because nothing makes you feel like you’re acheiving things like ticking stuff off!

    Having said that, the toyroom is a tip because i cannot face doing it. at all. the thought of doing it makes me want to poke my eyes out with a fork.

    thats about all i can suggest i guess. I’ll be interested to see what others suggest!

  2. Simon H says:

    When you’ve figured it out, let everyone else know!

    I’m kinda scared at how much you want someone to live in your cellar.

  3. It’s a really good cellar. Very few people have a cellar as nice as mine. Also, I don’t really like living on my own but there’s nowhere else for anyone to live. They can’t live in the attic as I’m going to live there when I put Big Girl and Little Girl in a room together. I think as long as you weren’t bothered by a lack of windows or subterrainean atmosphere, you could be really happy there.

    By ‘you’, I mean anyone who was living in there. I’m not suggesting ‘you, Simon H’ should live in my cellar.

  4. Hannah says:

    I saw a brilliant tip where you fold up your set of bedding and put it inside one of your pillow cases. It makes your linen cupboard look lovely and tidy which imaybe smaller scale than you wanted but I was blown away by the idea.

    Other than that well you’ve seen my house and theresa just two adults living in it!

  5. Myn says:

    Paper plates and plastic forks?

  6. zpembers says:

    I realised htatr my earlier response was actually a delusion. That’s what i *intend* to happen. In reality i have two sofas covered in uni folders and books, an ever growing pile of papers to file on the living room floor – getting spread all over the floor by the cat- and a kitchen that is covered in washing up.

    So the sad reality once i punctured my delusions of domestic godessness is this: every alternate sunday before jake comes back from his dads, i spend about two hours tidying the place up before he comes home. and what i can’t tidy i hide in the spare room.

    Alternatively i could let jake have to go into quarantine repeatedly so that all i can do is tidy the house

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