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Up, up and away

on March 3, 2012

I feel… euphoric. I also feel as if my fingers have been cleaned with sandpaper. And someone appears to have pummelled my arms and legs with a hammer. Yes, today was my climbing induction.

I went to Rock Over Climbing. After filling in a form, agreeing that of course I won’t hold them responsible for sprains, breaks or other injuries – all part of climbing, apparently – I got fitted with shoes just slightly shorter than my feet, found the changing rooms, eventually found the lockers and finally found the rest of my fellow inductees.

A couple, a family and two friends, we got shown how to fall off a wall, how to go along a wall, how to go up a wall, how to go along the ceiling, how to avoid someone falling on your head and, finally, where to get a cup of tea.

It turns out that it’s harder than it looks and that I have weak and feeble fingers. I can see why it’s a fantastic team-building event as within minutes of being let loose on the walls we were chatting, joking and encouraging each other. And I suspect it’s also a little bit addictive.

I got an induction, two more visits and a year’s membership through Groupon, so I’ll definitely be going back. There’s free coaching on a Wednesday and Thursday night to help me learn how to do it and I can go every other weekend when the girls are at their dad’s house.

And I feel this huge sense of achievement: I said I’d do it and I did (now I just have to make sure I go again); I’ve been a competent social adult; and I managed to climb up things and do things I had no idea how to do. I need to be braver and less scared of falling off, but I am so proud of myself. I feel like I’m 3″ taller!

Actually, after hanging from my fingers all afternoon I may actually be taller!


4 responses to “Up, up and away

  1. Simon H says:

    I had a go at indoor wall climbing last year and it made me realise how feable and puny my arms are. It’s great fun though and I loved doing the ropes at the bottom more than the climbing bit. My hands kept slipping on sweaty grippy-lump things (whatever they call the things you hold onto), well, that was my excuse and I’m sticking with it!

    Great that you’ve given it a go, you building up to The Orme?

  2. Rach says:

    Good on you. I’m so impressed. Apparently you’re supposed to use the strength in your legs, but even then my arms really aren’t strong enough for it. Carrying the ever-growing baby might help.

  3. zoe says:

    Spiderwoman! Very proud of you – tempted me to have a go

  4. Wow! That sounds brilliant. Now I want to be able to do that too 🙂 Well done! Avis x

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