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Our first trip to A&E

on February 13, 2012

We’re in A&E. I spilled a cup of coffee on Little Girl at soft play. We’ve got matching scalded forearms. My ex is here too. It’s a little awkward to say the least, but there’s not been any unpleasantness.

She seems to be ok – her arm is uncomfortable and she’d just fallen asleep when the doctor came to look at her. The staff at the soft play centre probably saved her a lot of damage by getting her arm under cold water so quickly. Then we got a ride in an ambulance up to the hospital.

She’s had some cream and a bandage on her arm. She seems ok. A friend is coming to pick us up and then I can collect my Big Girl.

I wouldn’t have expected my first trip to A&E as a parent to be with Little Girl. She’s 8 months old and, while far from placid, she seems fairly content to watch her big sister. Big Girl, aged 26 months, is into everything as fast as she can go with an enthusiasm bordering on recklessness. But, as I’m learning, sometimes life doesn’t happen quite how you expect.


One response to “Our first trip to A&E

  1. Simon H says:

    You’ve done well getting to 34 months of parenting (combined) to have your first visit to A&E, and it could’ve been a lot worse.

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